If you are either new to cycling, new to the Williamsburg area or just looking for a way to get more actively engaged in cycling, this page is for you!

The Williamsburg Area Bicyclists sponsors club rides where members and visitors come together and ride a designated “route” in the Williamsburg area.  These rides are classified by difficulty (both pace and distance).  Ride leaders provide the routes in the form of “cue sheets” and strive to facilitate safe and enjoyable experiences for all participants.

How to I see what rides are scheduled?

Members and visitors can access our club Ride Calendar by clicking on the Calendar link on the website top menu.  

What types of rides are offered?

The club rides are classified as either “Recurring” or “Special”.  Recurring rides (colored blue on the calendar) are standing rides usually held at the same day, time and start location every week.   Special rides (colored red on the calendar) are one-time events, more typically scheduled on the weekends.  Click on the calendar entry to see the detail related to the start location, ride classification, distance, route to be used and any other information the ride leader has determined is appropriate.

How fast do you ride?

The following classifications are used:

  • D 10-12 mph average (typically distances under 20 miles)
  • C 12-14 mph average (typically 20-30 miles)*
  • B 14-16 mph average (typically 25-40 miles)*
  • B+ 16-18 mph average (typically 25-40 miles)*
  • A 18-20 mph average (typically 25-40 miles)*

*The typical distances are for our Recurring rides.  Special rides may be longer.

I am not a club member – can I still participate on a club ride?

YES!!  We encourage and welcome visitors.  Whether you are visiting the Williamsburg area, or are a “local” but not a member you are welcome.  In fact, if you are thinking of joining, participating as a guest will help you decide!  All ride participants (both members and guests) are asked to sign a liability release prior to the ride start.

I am not an experienced bicyclist but I’d like to get more active in bicycling.  Which of your rides would be the best first ride for me?

The "Friday Friends" ride, which starts at the Williamsburg Community Chapel every Wednesday morning would be a good first ride.  The route is on the Virginia Capital Trail and usually casual paces and distances are accommodated.  Also we are occasionally offering "No Experience Required" rides which are intended for folks just getting started (or restarted) in cycling.  Finally, we have recently been offering "D" pace rides on Tuesday evenings which are perfect for the newbie.  

Do I need to let anyone know in advance or can I just “show up” for a ride? 

We have a pre-registration feature on our calendar and we encourage you to click on the "Book This Event" link.  This way we will have your emergency contact information and will watch for you. 

Anything else I should be aware of before joining a ride?

Only that helmets are required to participate in a club ride and earbuds are not allowed.  Oh and one more thing - be prepared to have fun!

I am tempted to join a ride but I still have questions and may need some individual help to get started.  

No problem!!  We understand – we have all been there!  We have a special e-Mail account set up where you can direct any questions – newrider@wabonline.org.  If you send an email to this address, it will be directed to one of our more experienced club members who will be more than happy to answer any additional questions you may have and help you get started.