T-Pot and BBQ

06/26/2017 9:00 am - 9:00 am
Four Mile Creek Park
First Ride Option
Rick Nevins
B (14-16 mph)
26 miles
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Join us as we ride a section of the VCT we don't often ride - from Four Mile Creek Park west to Richmond.  We will then cross the James River on the Tyler-Potterfield Pedestrian Bridge and view Richmond from the overlook on the other side.  We'll then return on the same route, with an optional lunch stop at the wonderful Ronnie's BBQ on the way back.  Total distance is 26 miles and Ronnies will be at about mile 21.  We did this ride back in February and had a great time - come join us!  The route to Richmond is a simple ride on the VCT.  From the VCT to the bridge is a little tricky but well documented here.  We will have both a B and C paces, but will ride from Great Shiplock Park (at the end of the trail) over to the bridge together.

NOTE:  the T-Pot bridge may be fairly crowded with pedestrians and dog walkers.  Depending upon how busy it is, we may end up walking all or part of the bridge.  Keep this in mind as you think about what shoes to wear!

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Four Mile Creek Park

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