Submitter: Rick Nevins

Ride Report:

Yes, it was pretty warm, but that didn’t discourage the nineteen WAB members who came out for the New Kent Winery ride today. The participants were:

C-Pace: Michael Junge (leader), Dean & Carolyn Dunbar, Elaine Quick, Bruce Glendening, Joy Blair and Gary Smith. Special welcome to new member Joy and to long time WAB member Gary who we don’t get to see much since he moved to Richmond! This group did the 25.5 mile NEW #02B.

B-Pace: Dave Hand (leader) and John Vande Sand did the 31 mile NKW #02 route.

B-Plus Pace: Jamie Clark (leader), Ken McFarland, Homer Hoe, Rich Richlak, Patti Homan, Mical Kupke, Paul Bennett, Dean Blair, Risa Bastien and Rick Nevins. This group did the 34 mile NKW #03 route but got a couple bonus miles due to an extra little ride on St. Peters Ln (oops).

After the ride, many of us stayed for a glass (or two) of wine and conversation under a big tent with a nice breeze. The owner stopped over and informed us they are opening up a Brewery at New Kent Winery - in September of this year! All in all a great day with a great group of people!