Submitter: Rick Nevins

Route Name: LC #1 - Diascund Reservoir (32.9 miles)
Distance: 32.9 miles
Route Link:
Start Location: Little Creek Reservoir
Ride Report:

Sunday was a great day for a long ride - upper 60’s, relatively light wind, partly sunny. I decided to do the LC #1 ride, which starts from Little Creek Reservoir Park and goes around both Little Creek and Diascund Reservoirs. This is normally a 33 mile ride but since I rode from home, I ended up with about 48 miles on the ride. Also, I joined the route at about mile 5 and then completed these 5 miles on the return leg. This route features an abundance of low traffic and rural roads in Upper James City and New Kent Counties. The stretch of Diascund from Forge to the RR tracks is wonderful smooth pavement. (see picture). There is an abandoned golf course prior to the RR tracks - there must be some interesting history there! As Dave mentioned when he did this ride, there is a rough section of pavement for about the first two miles on Racefield Rd. When I first moved to this area in 2012, this stretch was gravel, but it was paved soon thereafter (maybe 2013 or 2014?). But now, unfortunately a lot of that pavement is breaking up. As Reed mentioned in his report on this route, the stretch of Forge Rd between the Park and Rt. 60 is also really nice, as you pass some very scenic horse farms.