Submitter: Reed Nester

Route Name: LC #1 - Diascund Reservoir (32.9 miles)
Distance: 32.9 miles
Route Link:
Start Location: Little Creek Reservoir
Ride Report:

Another beautiful but a little windy day. For our Sunday ride we decided on LC #1 - Diascund Reservoir. Our start was moved to Toano Middle School so that we had the nice 3 mile stretch on Forge Road as the finishing stretch - it is great fun if you have a tailwind. Both the Little Creek and Diascund Reservoirs were beautiful today. We usually ride this route in the opposite direction, which gives us some nice downhill runs on Stewarts Road and Waterside Drive, so this was an interesting change. As we neared the finish of the ride, our hope for a nice tailwind on Forge Road evaporated - we had a moderate headwind. Our average speed for this three mile stretch was 13.1 mph. The last time we rode it we had a very nice tailwind, and averaged 18.1 for the same stretch. Either way, it is a beautiful road to ride.