Submitter: Kitty Preston

Route Name: CRP #10R - the Glebe and Sandy Point Loops
Distance: 31.1 miles
Route Link:
Start Location: Chickahominy Riverfront Park
Ride Report:

My fifth “favorite ride” was CRP 10R, although I did the old 27-mile version instead of the newer 31-mile route, since I rode to the ride start from home. The day was gorgeous and there were a LOT of folks on the VCT, but Wilcox Neck, Glebe,and Sturgeon Point Roads were almost traffic-free. My total ride was 49 miles. Since the scenery posted by folks is starting to look rather similar (trees, quiet roads, nice bike paths, river or lake backgrounds), I decided to focus on some other images: sign for the Virginia Dept of Game and Fisheries Fee Use area off the appropriately named Eagles Nest Road; sign for the intersection of Eagles Nest and Wilcox roads; Eagles Nest Road itself; the graveyard behind Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, which I have never noticed, although the parking lot in front of this church is the standard place for a quick rest stop on this ride; mileage sign at the intersection of Sturgeon Point and the VCT; sign at Chickahominy Riverfront Park.