The latest jersey design (pictured below) is inspired by a jersey WAB developed back nearly 20 years ago as part of the 300th anniversary of Williamsburg.  This jersey is manufactured by Hincapie and the sales and distribution of the jersey is done directly through a WAB "storefront" on the Hincapie website.  This storefront will be made available for 2-week periods several times a year.  The last time the storefront was open was May 2019.  We are planning to re-open the store again for another 2-week period on 9/10/19.  A link to the store will be published here and also sent out to the membership via e-Mail.  NOTE:  In addition to the jersey shown below, the store also includes other items such as long-sleeved jerseys, shorts, vests, arm warmers, leg warmers, nickers and tights.


There are a few of the prior jersey (pictured below) still available, but very limited (XS, S and M only).   The price of these jerseys has just been reduced to $50/ea.  Also, some of these prior club jerseys may be available at Conte's Bike Shop, at a higher price.  If you would like one of these prior jerseys, contact Dave Cosgrove at