If you have established one or more bicycles on the Manage Bicycles screen they will appear here. (Optional) 

Select the Ride Event (if applicable) of this ride (optional).

Enter any notes you like related to this ride.  Drag on the bottom right corner of the text box to expand the size. (optional)

You can also associate up to three other (non-bicycle) gear items with this ride, such as a helmet, shoes, etc.  In order to appear in the drop down box, your gear must be first entered in the "Manage Equipment" screen.  (optional)

If you have a web link you would like to associate with this ride, enter it here.  Format should be http://www.example.com (optional)

Enter the total climb for this ride.  This field will be automatically populated from your gpx data if there is a gpx track associated with this ride.  Units will be either feet or meters depending upon your preferences setting.  (optional)

Cycling Without Age

Make a Donation to Cycling Without Age Williamsburg

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Family Member - Get Your Own Username!

If you are an adult family member of an existing WAB Family Membership, you are entitled to get your own username/password to log in to use the Message Board or other Members Only Features.  All you need is the username and member number of the current primary family member and then fill out this form.  Further instructions are found on the form.  It may take a day or two to process.  Questions?  email webmaster@wabonline.org