The Williamsburg Area Bicyclists is a recreational bicycling club based in Williamsburg, Va.   We offer a variety of ride options, for the beginner through the experienced cyclist.  Check our Ride Calendar to find a ride that fits your needs!  If you are a member, log in with your username and password to access our Member Only features, such as a Message Board, Cue Sheet library access to other club information.  If you are not yet a member we encourage you to join us as our guest on one of our rides and experience for yourself how rewarding group riding can be.  When you are ready to join, click on the "Join or Renew" link above. 

Click here for a video describing our club and bicycling in Williamsburg!

Enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Williamsburg Bicycle Club:

With the advent of social media where you can create informal groups and share information, you might wonder why bother to join a formal bicycle club.  Consider this:

  • Make new friends and find riding partners
  • Participate with the WAB in regular weekly and monthly bicycle riding opportunities - more than 200 scheduled rides annually!
  • Access to our Cue Sheet Library - containing over 200 excellent routes in the Williamsburg area!
  • Secondary accident insurance for injuries sustained on club rides.
  • Regular informative Membership Meetings where you can learn and share with other like-minded bicycling enthusiasts
  • Monthly Newsletter keeps you up to date with local bicycling news and opportunities
  • Interactive website filled with lots of bicycling information including the Scheduled Rides, club events, Ride Logs, Message Board and more.
  • WAB members ... with more than 300 there is a large pool of expertise and opportunities to get the most out of cycling.
  • Discounts of 10% off list price for bicycle parts, accessories and clothing at many area bicycle shops!
  • A wide array of rides and off-the-bike meetings featuring good fellowship, food and presentations on topics of interest!
We offer Individual memberships for $25 or $45 (1 or 2 year), family memberships for $40 or $55 (1 or 2 year) and college student one-year memberships for $15.  To join or renew CLICK HERE to renew on-line or  print out this Membership Application Form, fill it out and send it with your check or money order to the address shown on the application.

If you are either new to cycling, new to the Williamsburg area or just looking for a way to get more actively engaged in cycling, this page is for you!

The Williamsburg Area Bicyclists sponsors club rides where members and visitors come together and ride a designated “route” in the Williamsburg area.  These rides are classified by difficulty (both pace and distance).  Ride leaders provide the routes in the form of “cue sheets” and strive to facilitate safe and enjoyable experiences for all participants.

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Whenever an Accident Occurs:

An Incident Report form must be completed immediately after an accident occurs by completing this online form. This holds true whether the person involved is a participant or a spectator, or whether or not you feel the incident will result in a claim.

Although you may not have sufficient information to initially answer all questions, it is important that the form be completed as fully as possible at the time of the accident. Do not delay completing the report form; an incomplete form is better than none at all. Be certain to include your name and daytime telephone number where indicated on the form.

The form contains sections to capture information regarding injury to persons, damage to property, and accidents involving autos. If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the completion of the Incident Report form, please call American Specialty at 1-800-566-7941.

IN ADDITION, IN CASE OF SERIOUS INJURY TO A PARTICIPANT OR A SPECTATOR, it is important that you immediately notify American Specialty by calling 1-800-566-7941 (if after standard business hours, simply follow the automated instructions for emergency claims reporting). This hotline is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


In addition to completing the on-line form, please notify the WAB President ( and WAB Ride Coordinator ( as soon as possible.


Questions?  Please e-Mail

When approaching an intersection where you intend to make a left turn, you might be reluctant to move out into the lane to “take the road”, especially if you see a string of cars coming up from behind.
When this happens you can find yourself somewhat “boxed in”.  The motorists may not know what your intentions are because you are not positioned to turn left.  A motorist who wants to turn right may cross in front of you - not good!
To avoid getting in this situation, slow down well ahead of the intersection and watch for your opportunity when there is a break in the traffic to move over to the left-center of the lane.  Signal your intentions to turn left by extending your left arm.   Cars turning right can now safely move around you to the right.   It is also helpful to have an experienced rider in the back of the group who can more over and signal the left turn intention.


These articles highlight valuable bicycle safety topics and/or skills.  If you have any suggestions for additional topics please let us know!

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Williamsburg Area Bike Rides

NEW & REVISED March 2016!

A Guide to Cycling Routes in and around Williamsburg, Virginia

This comprehensive Cycling Route Guide features 26 Bike Routes (Including rides on the new Virginia Capital Trail) with full color professionally designed maps

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Family Member - Get Your Own Username!

If you are an adult family member of an existing WAB Family Membership, you are entitled to get your own username/password to log in to use the Message Board or other Members Only Features.  All you need is the username and member number of the current primary family member and then fill out this form.  Further instructions are found on the form.  It may take a day or two to process.  Questions?  email