The Williamsburg Area Bicyclists first published a "route book" titled "Williamsburg Area Bike Rides" in 2005.  It was subsequently updated in 2009.  We are now in the process of updating it again.  This is considered a fairly major revision since we are re-visiting each route to determine "keep/change/delete" and for those we are not removing, we re-creating the routes on Ride With GPS.  As these routes are revised, they are being uploaded to the Cue Sheet library, in the "WAB Route Book" category. 

In order to get member input on the new revised Cue Sheets, as well as to offer our members some additional riding opportunities, a series of "Ride the Route Book" rides will be organized over the next several months.  (Nov 2015 - Feb 2016).

These "Ride the Route Book" rides will be scheduled in a somewhat ad-hoc fashion, based upon the weather, but Thursdays seem to be a good day for them.  We will try to announce the rides at least 2 or 3 days in advance via the Message Board.

The Cue Sheets for the Route Book rides that have been re-done can be found in the WAB Route Book category in the Cue Sheet Library. 

If you can join us, please print the Cue Sheets for whichever route you plan to do in advance since only one or two extras will normally be printed by the leader.

Note, these will be usually be very casual rides since we want to focus on checking the Cue Sheets and Maps.  In fact, if you see any good photo opportunities, it would be helpful to take pictures as well, since we will also be updating the photos in the Route Book.  

The committee members for this project are:

  • Rick Nevins, Chairman
  • Neal Robinson
  • Michael Kasperack
  • Gary Smith
  • Deana Sun
  • Bob Arditi

Our goal is to have the book ready for publication by March 2016.  

Please contact any of the committee members if you have questions.


Rick Nevins

Routebook Update Committee Chairman