by Rick Nevins

Facebook is a powerful tool and is a very popular means to share cycling related information. There are a number of Facebook Pages and Groups that target our geographic area and cycling communities.  There may be some question amongst our membership about when to use Facebook versus our website Message Board.  I thought I’d take a few minutes to share what I know about Facebook Pages and Groups so that you can better understand how you might want to engage.

Recently the Williamsburg Area Bicyclists donated a copy of our revised "Williamsburg Area Bicycle Rides" book to the Williamsburg Library.  You can see the full article here.

The Williamsburg Area Bicycle Rides (aka "Route Book") includes a credit card sized USB card inside the back cover.  This article explains in a bit more detail how to use the card to print Cue Sheets or Maps or to download a GPS navigation file to your Garmin GPS computer.

The Williamsburg Area Bicyclists first published a "route book" titled "Williamsburg Area Bike Rides" in 2005.  It was subsequently updated in 2009.  We are now in the process of updating it again.  This is considered a fairly major revision since we are re-visiting each route to determine "keep/change/delete" and for those we are not removing, we re-creating the routes on Ride With GPS.  As these routes are revised, they are being uploaded to the Cue Sheet library, in the "WAB Route Book" category. 

In order to get member input on the new revised Cue Sheets, as well as to offer our members some additional riding opportunities, a series of "Ride the Route Book" rides will be organized over the next several months.  (Nov 2015 - Feb 2016).

These "Ride the Route Book" rides will be scheduled in a somewhat ad-hoc fashion, based upon the weather, but Thursdays seem to be a good day for them.  We will try to announce the rides at least 2 or 3 days in advance via the Message Board.

The Cue Sheets for the Route Book rides that have been re-done can be found in the WAB Route Book category in the Cue Sheet Library. 

If you can join us, please print the Cue Sheets for whichever route you plan to do in advance since only one or two extras will normally be printed by the leader.

Note, these will be usually be very casual rides since we want to focus on checking the Cue Sheets and Maps.  In fact, if you see any good photo opportunities, it would be helpful to take pictures as well, since we will also be updating the photos in the Route Book.  

The committee members for this project are:

  • Rick Nevins, Chairman
  • Neal Robinson
  • Michael Kasperack
  • Gary Smith
  • Deana Sun
  • Bob Arditi

Our goal is to have the book ready for publication by March 2016.  

Please contact any of the committee members if you have questions.


Rick Nevins

Routebook Update Committee Chairman

by Rick Nevins

UPDATED 5/3/16.  I recently tested the installation of the free Openstreet maps and have updated this article accordingly. 

I have run into many cases where expensive Garmin GPS bicycle computers are purchased but only used as a speedometer and odometer.  I attribute this to the fact that Garmin has not made it easy to set up and configure the unit to enable it to be used for Cue Sheet "turn-by-turn" navigation.  I find the screens themselves are not very intuitive and this is compounded by a lack of easy to follow instructions on how to configure.

That's the bad news.  The good news is that once you do learn how to use the Garmin for navigation, it works great!   The displays will show you the distance to the next turn, whether to expect a left or right turn, and even pop up a map showing a blowup of the intersection as you get close to the turn.   I use this feature routinely on all my WAB and non-WAB events and find it invaluable and much more convenient than using a paper Cue Sheet.  After you are over that "hump", loading new GPS files and using the on-screen navigation becomes quite simple and efficient.  You just need to get over the hump!

I put this page together for that specific purpose - to share what I have learned about configuring the Garmin 800 GPS computer to enable you to unlock the power of the unit to provide turn-by-turn navigation on bicycle rides.  Read on if this is of interest to you.

An App is now available on the Apple App Store to enable you to record your bicycle Ride Logs directly from your iPhone and add them to the Williamsburg Area Bicyclists website without the need to login every time or use your computer.  

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